Reduced Ink/Dirt Counts
A major goal in recycling is to enhance ink detachment from fibers so that the deink plant equipment can remove the undesirable materials more effectively. Flotation, washing, and cleaning are particularly hampered by ink and stickies still attached to the fibers.

Ink still attached to fibers can cause great inefficiencies in a plant. Not only will dirt removal be reduced, but the undesired removal of good fibers will occur. Detachment and separation of ink from fibers is essential to maximize deinking efficacy.

Twenty years ago, looking “recycled” was of interest in some markets. Nowadays, mills seek deinked pulp as close to virgin pulp as possible to increase sales or significantly reduce costs.

Achieving operational goals is another major area of focus. Many mills operate beyond their designed production capacities, which can lead to a production nightmare as key equipment stages drop in efficiency with increased throughput. EDT works with mills to help debottleneck their systems with tonnage gains so that larger volume productions can be managed with cost-effective furnishes.

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