Stickies Control
Adhesive and glue stickies contaminants seem to get worse each year. Bar code labeling, applied packaging graphics, and higher tech release papers have created a big jump in both the presence and complexity of stickies in the waste stream.

Stickies cause machine downtime, paper quality issues, and later problems in the print shop or office when the paper is finally used. Mills producing delicate grades such as tissue can have considerable production issues when dealing with stickies.

EDT employs a variety of approaches in its Enzynk® treatments to detackify and enhance removal of stickies. EDT starts the process with an upfront analysis of the nature of stickies in a mill and the problems they cause. Development also centers on the mill equipment and water loops in order to develop the best application.

Results can be exciting for the mill. Stickies count reductions of over 50% are common, as are significant reductions in the incidence of problems associated with stickies. Many EDT customers leverage this improvement to shift to more problematic but less costly furnishes that had previously been unacceptable due to stickies contamination. Still other mills enjoy an increase in machine uptime and tonnage output.

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