EDT Dedicates New Corporate Headquarters
EDT proudly announces the official dedication of its new corporate headquarters and expanded research and production facilities at 3975 Steve Reynolds Boulevard, Norcross, Georgia 30093 USA. Under construction since mid-2007, this 11-acre complex is the site of EDT's worldwide operations, including research and development, manufacturing and quality control, sales and marketing, and central business functions.

The new facility offers advantages to all functions at EDT and includes significantly expanded production and warehouse space, broadened laboratory capabilities, and a much larger general office area to house EDT's current workforce and accommodate its growing staff.

The building was officially dedicated in a special ceremony on May 16, 2008. The design and build-out phase of the facility began in July 2007 with a site dedication being held in November 2007 during a visit from Sweden by EDT's technology founder, Dr. Karl-Erik Eriksson. The build-out was completed in early 2008 and shortly thereafter the company relocated from its previous site which had served EDT since 1995.

Founded in 1994, Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC (EDT) is a pioneer and leader in the development and commercialization of enzyme-based treatments for the pulp and paper industry. EDT's applications span both recovered fiber and virgin pulp processing. In fiber recycling applications, the company works with mills on customized treatments for a variety of value propositions spanning improvements in optical properties, physical properties, and throughput/operations. The company has an increasing focus of work in energy reduction and in helping mills reach their corporate sustainability goals. Each treatment is tailored to a mill's furnish, deink plant system, key operating conditions, as well as the desired goals from the application. EDT works with mills processing virgin pulp in the extractives management of mechanical pulps, fiber modification, and in the bio-bleaching of bleached kraft pulps.

Based in Norcross, Georgia, USA, EDT has been providing mill-specific enzyme-based solutions to pulp and paper mills throughout the world since the mid 1990s.

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