EDT's unique approach to mill operations delivers superior quality and efficiency for our customers. The following publications demonstrate why EDT is a market leader and innovator for enzymatic deinking and other bioindustrial processes in the industry.

PTS/CTP Deinking Symposium, Munich, Germany (1998) - Dalum Papier

TAPPI Journal (April 2001) - Enzymatic Pitch Control At Nanping Paper Mill

Progress in Paper Recycling (May 2002) - Enzyme Applications in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Svensk Paperstidning (February 2003) - Hehhetssyn kan ge besparingar i returpappersbruket - deinking

Pira Recycling Symposium - van Houtum Papier (February 2004)

Pulp & Paper International (July 2005) - Furnishing Better Deinking

Pulp & Paper (October 2005) - Deinking Mills Dodge Financial Crunch with Customized Enzymes

TissueWorld Nice 2007 Paper - More Tons, Less Energy, and Reduced Total Costs via Enzymatic Deinking

Perini Journal (September 2010) - Enzymes:  The New Approach to Minimizing Fiber Costs?

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